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Canva, a widely-used online graphic design platform recognized for democratizing design, has recently ushered in a new era through its Canva Create event. The event has been received with enthusiastic responses from the global user community of Canva, as it marked the unveiling of ten exclusive gifts and several additional surprises that are intended to aid users in effortlessly creating exquisite and impactful designs. The gifts and bonuses are now readily accessible to all Canva Visual Suite users.

Update #1 Magic Design

Magic Design

The newly added Magic Design tool is an exceptional feature that has set the bar higher for designers. It serves as a source of inspiration for designers who may be struggling with envisioning an ideal design or locating the perfect template. The Magic Design tool simplifies the design process by allowing users to upload an image, select a style, and witness an astounding transformation into a striking design on a personalized template that can be edited and downloaded. This feature is a game-changer in the design industry, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency.

Update #2 Magically generate a presentation

Easily craft your next Canva Presentation with the aid of Magic Design. Just share a brief concept, and the intuitive software will seamlessly produce an outline, slides, and content for your sophisticated slide deck. Magic Design expeditiously completes the narrative, permitting you to concentrate on incorporating personalized nuances and particulars, resulting in an exceptional presentation. Bid adieu to the laborious and protracted process of creating presentations, and welcome an unparalleled presentation experience with Magic Design.

Update #3 More magic in Magic Write

More magic in Magic Write

Canva is proud to announce the expansion of its groundbreaking Magic Write tool beyond Canva Docs and into the entire Visual Work suite. Magic Write has achieved resounding success in simplifying the creation of compelling copy, and now it offers enhanced capabilities to augment workflow efficiency across all platforms. This game-changing tool streamlines the process of creating websites, presentations, social media posts, and even whiteboard brainstorming. Magic Write reduces wordiness while adding valuable insights to strategy decks, all without requiring users to switch between multiple platforms. Furthermore, Magic Write is now accessible in 18 languages, making it one of the most globally inclusive generative AI tools available. Canva is committed to advancing the technological landscape of visual work, and Magic Write is a testament to that commitment.

Update #4 Translate designs

Canva’s latest Translate functionality facilitates the creation of designs that can be shared worldwide. Seamlessly integrate text into your design, choose your preferred language, promptly convert your text, and fine-tune any modifications for a seamless outcome.

Update #5 Magic Eraser & Magic Edit

Magic Eraser & Magic Edit

The utilization of the Magic Eraser tool in photo editing has revolutionized the process, providing a swifter and more streamlined approach. With ease, users can eliminate undesirable elements from their images. Additionally, the Magic Edit option facilitates the seamless substitution of one element with another by pinpointing the desired location and conveying the specifications to the editor.

Update #6 Text to Image has Evolved

The Text to Image tool has experienced a remarkable advancement, elevating the process to an even more captivating level. This innovative technology enables users to craft distinctive visuals from a mere description, eliminating the frustrating search for matching images. With Text to Image, your creative concepts can be brought to life in a matter of seconds. Since its launch, Canva’s user base has created over sixty million images utilizing this feature. The latest update provides superior output quality, with images boasting a sixteen-fold increase in resolution, albeit at a slightly reduced generation speed of approximately 68%. Moreover, the newly introduced styles, such as the retro-inspired Analogue Film and the futuristic Retrowave, add to the already impressive array of design options available through this tool.

Update #7 Draw

Draw new ideas

In response to high demand from its user base, Canva has unveiled a pioneering technique for sketching that can be applied to any design. The latest addition to its feature set incorporates an automated shape-smoothing function that recognizes user-generated content, streamlining the highlighting of focal points in presentations or organizing upcoming projects on whiteboards. With just a few clicks, users can select a preferred brush and fine-tune its color and weight to refine their designs and confer a stronger visual presence upon their ideas. Moreover, Canva has announced an upcoming update that will synchronize users’ sketches with elements from their library, elevating rough drafts to polished illustrations.

Update #8 Create an Animation

Create Animation

As video continues to gain traction across all mediums, Canva is streamlining the production of refined and compelling videos with minimal effort required. The innovative Create an Animation functionality breathes life into your narrative, enabling you to effortlessly plot the trajectory of your animation and fine-tune its velocity as necessary. This tool empowers users to explore its potential across social media posts, presentations, and video content with ease, resulting in eye-catching and engaging output.

Update #9 Beat Sync

Beat Sync

Introducing an exceptional solution that is certain to captivate your senses – Beat Sync. This remarkable tool boasts a seamless blend of simplicity and potency, enabling you to enhance the appeal of your video content by incorporating the perfect musical accompaniment. With just a single click, Beat Sync aligns your footage with the rhythm of your chosen soundtrack, creating a dynamic and captivating viewing experience. This feature is specifically designed to save you precious time and effort while elevating the quality of your video to new heights.

Update #10  Brand Hub

Brand Hub

Canva has recently introduced its latest innovation, the Brand Hub, which empowers teams to produce designs that are consistent with their brand. The Brand Kit, a feature included in the Brand Hub, integrates all brand elements, processes, and workflows to ensure seamless content creation. By storing all essential brand assets in a single, central location, accessible from the Canva Editor, creating designs that are in compliance with the brand’s standards is now easy for anyone. The addition of Brand Guidelines further facilitates the understanding of how to use all brand assets effectively. With the help of Brand Folders, users can customize branding, templates, and controls within specific projects, while Brand Controls can set access restrictions on fonts, colors, templates, and assets within project folders. Canva’s new Template Assistant feature evaluates the quality of template designs and flags potential issues. Moreover, users can replace any component of their brand identity with just one click through the asset-replacing feature, effectively updating all existing and new designs.

You can find more details on the Canva website if you need a breakdown of some of these features, which isn’t unreasonable given the sheer size of this update. There’s a lot to digest here. Canva already touts itself as an “all-in-one” creation tool, and it’s honestly hard to argue with that, especially considering how easy it is to use for everyday graphic design projects compared to more dedicated professional platforms. 

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