Top 5 Social Media Engagement Tools

We can’t deny the importance of social media engagement and respond to each customer query. 

In today’s digital era, many businesses encounter thousands of comments and hundreds of direct messages daily. 

If you attempt to manage this manually, it requires a team of five to work around the clock, inefficient use of resources. 

Fortunately, the market offers several social media engagement tools to help you handle this without investing too much time or energy. 

This blog looks into the best social media engagement tools, divided into two categories: those for small & medium businesses and those for enterprise businesses.

Best Social Media Engagement Tools For Small & Medium Businesses

Examining some of the most effective social media engagement tools for Individual entrepreneurs and small & medium businesses is essential for modern-day marketers & social media managers. Numerous platforms included in this list also offer plans for businesses at an enterprise level.

01) Zoho Social

Website –

Zoho Dashboard

Maximize your social media output with Zoho Social. Easily plan and post content, track key metrics, and generate comprehensive reports to evaluate the success of your brand on social media.

The best known for:

Real-time social media monitoring tool. 

  • Custom reports to analyze your performance. 
  • Schedule your posts. 
  • Also, monitor your favorite hashtags. 

02) Brand 24

Website –

Brand24 Dashboard

At Awario, we understand the importance of staying informed when it comes to online conversations about your brand. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive online brand monitoring tool that gathers all relevant mentions and keeps you up to date. Our technology is powered by a combination of web crawlers and APIs and searches over 13 billion web pages daily. This means you can trust that Awario is the best way to get the most up-to-date information about your brand. Start monitoring your brand today and stay in the know.

The best known for:

Media monitoring tool. 

  • Customer insights. 
  • 25 million online sources are tracked in real time. 
  • Identify the reach and importance of mentions.

03) Agorapulse

Website –


Maximize Your Social Media Presence. Eliminate clutter and streamline your social media management with Agorapulse’s suite of tools for inbox organization, publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team coordination.

The best known for:

Social media tool for mid-sized businesses. 

  • Provides competitor tracking analytics tools. 
  • Get performance insights reports. 
  • Track driving sales, leads, and traffic. 

04) BuzzSumo

Website –

Buzzsumo Dashboard

BuzzSumo has been the leading content marketing tool since its inception in 2014, providing creators and businesses around the globe with the means to create compelling content, track brand performance, and uncover new growth opportunities. With BuzzSumo, the world is empowered to create better content.

The best known for:

Engagement, content, and outreach opportunities. 

  • Content ideas by topics, trends, and forums. 
  • Discover trending stories & customer questions. 
  • Automatic search by keywords and hashtags. 

05) Sendible

Website –

Sendible Dashboard

Maximize your social media efficiency. Leverage our all-in-one platform to expand your reach and drive customer acquisition. As one of G2’s top ten tools, we provide the tools needed to schedule, track, and report on your social media performance, helping you accomplish your objectives.

The best known for:

 Social Media for Agencies & Marketers. 

  • Built-in editor to design. 
  • Customize and preview posts. 
  • Build and automatically send custom reports. 
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