Maximizing Your Reach with Social Media Analytics Tools

In the age of technology, social media is a powerful tool for businesses to utilize for marketing and promotion. 

Social media analytics tools can give businesses the competitive edge to create successful campaigns and tailor their content to reach the right audience. These tools allow businesses to track customer engagement, analyze user behavior, and measure ROI to optimize their campaigns and optimize their resources. 

In this blog post, we will explore the different types of social media analytics tools available and discuss how businesses can use these tools to their advantage.

What is Social Media Analytics Tools?

Social media analytics tools help to generate performance reports that can be shared with colleagues, stakeholders, and superiors, in order to determine the efficacy of campaigns. They should also provide the requisite historical data to evaluate the success of the social media marketing strategy on both an extended and granular level.

01) Keyhole

Website –

At Hashtag Analytics, we provide automated social media analytics solutions to a variety of clients, including agencies, marketers, journalists, and executives. Our platform delivers powerful and accurate insights into real-time and historical social media data, displayed through easy-to-interpret graphs and visuals.

Our product offers extensive hashtag, keyword, account, and URL tracking capabilities across Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. With us, you can monitor and optimize campaigns in real-time, track and optimize brands, and have access to data-driven market and competitor research. We are proud to be the #1 company in the world for social media analytics.

The best known for:

Data reporting platform. 

  • Social Media Account Monitoring. 
  • Helps in Social Media Reporting. 
  • Provides Keyword tracking.

02) Brandwatch

Website –

Brandwatch equips brands and agencies with the necessary tools to keep up with the ever-evolving digital universe, enabling them to make informed decisions and execute intelligent social strategies at every stage of the customer journey.

The best known for:

Social media analytic tool. 

  • Conversion Rate Optimization. 
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP). 
  • Email marketing. 

03) Bazaarvoice

Website –

Maximize customer engagement to boost bottom lines. Our advanced shopper engagement platform offers the ability to quickly and efficiently collect, showcase, and disperse user-generated content (UGC) on a global scale. Provide shoppers with the confidence they need to make informed purchases by utilizing Ratings & Reviews, Q&As, Visual & Social Content, and more.

The best known for:

Social media marketing software. 

  • Review eCommerce Reporting. 
  • Best for Automation. 
  • Seamless On-boarding. 

04) ShortStack

Website –

Develop interactive strategies such as customizable contests, sweepstakes, quizzes, hashtag giveaways, comment-to-enter contests, landing pages, pop-ups, and more to enhance lead generation, drive customer engagement, raise brand awareness, and facilitate data collection and growth.

The best known for:

Digital marketing platform. 

  • White-Labeled Campaigns. 
  • Hosting and Data Security. 
  • Full Customization. 
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