Category-wise list of social media marketing tools

It can be difficult to maintain a significant online presence without making social media take up too much of your time and attention. Posting at peak hours, when the majority of people are active, will increase interaction. Managing this might be challenging, but thankfully there are software solutions that can be useful. You may create and plan several posts in bulk using well-known social media scheduling and posting tools, which will enable you to post at a more convenient time and provide you more opportunities to submit new material. The best social media posting and scheduling tools will be discussed in this article.

Social Media Listening Tools

01) Mention


Mention equips leading businesses and organizations with essential tools to measure and enhance brand visibility. By monitoring conversations related to a brand, competitor, or sector, our platform allows users to evaluate and study online discourse and create content inspired by key social and web analytics.

More than 4,000 successful customers including Spotify, Airbnb, MIT, and Microsoft have utilized Mention’s sophisticated data to refine their communications and marketing approaches.

The best known for: 

Social listening and monitoring tool. 

  • Track content across 42 languages. 
  • Tool to monitor your brand competitors. 
  • Publish posts from multiple channels.

02) Falcon


Greetings to all users of the newly revamped Whether you are a first-time visitor or a returning user with a keen eye for detail, you will certainly notice a few changes in our redesigned website.

Today marks a significant milestone for our company as we are pleased to offer our combined services which include all legacy products from In light of our merger, we regret to announce that the brand will be discontinued.

Allow us to explain what we have changed, the steps we took to get here, and why we are so thrilled about the future.

The best known for:

All-in-one social media management tool. 

  • Social listening, publishing, & engagement. 
  • Provides reports & audience data management. 
  • Also have custom response templates.

03) Sprout Social


Sprout Social’s comprehensive social media management platform equips our customers to maximize their social media presence. Establish stronger connections with target audiences, improve productivity through streamlined publishing, enable real-time collaboration, and analyze data to gain valuable insights–all on an industrial scale.

The best known for:

 Monitor and manage engagement. 

  • Uncover trends and actionable insights. 
  • Integrated social listening tool. 
  • Collect accurate social reports all in one place.

04) Synthesio


Synthesio’s AI-driven technology expedites the process of gathering and evaluating data, providing the most pertinent information and insights. Our social media data is sourced in real-time from 195 countries and 80 languages and powered by advanced AI capabilities such as topic modeling and deep semantic analytics incorporating emotion detection.

The best known for:

AI-enabled consumer intelligence tool. 

  • Collect and analyze data from social networks. 
  • Track real-time conversations. 
  • Track consumer behavior & emerging trends.

05) Awario


At Awario, we recognize the importance of being the first to know when important conversations start online. Our brand monitoring tool is the most effective way to monitor client mentions, as we crawl over 13 billion web pages daily in addition to using APIs. As a result, you can be sure that Awario will notify you of every relevant mention immediately. Let’s begin searching for your brand mentions online now!

The best known for:

Social listening tool for building brand awareness. 

  • Track keywords in multiple languages. 
  • Insights on customers, market, & competitors. 
  • Monitoring tool to analyze all brand mentions.
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